As Mother’s Day got closer, I decided that this year I’d make something for my mom and for my mother-in-law.  Knitting was out, since it takes awhile and the carpal tunnel is not going away.  (I know, I’m complaining, but knitting with numb hands is not easy!)  I saw the tote bag and link to directions on Small Hands  and knew I’d found my project.  In plenty of time for Mother’s Day, I went fabric shopping and got everything I needed, but I never got a chance to get anything made.  When I finally did make time, I figured I’d start with a little one, to practice, then make two big ones.   The cut fabric sat on the desk for a few days before I got any real sewing in, but tonight, while John watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead (okay, I watched a little too even though I’m not a scary movie person in general) I made a tote bag.  And broke my mom’s already ailing sewing machine!!  So, Happy Mother’s Day, I made a model of what I wanted to make for my mother and broke her sewing machine.  Job well done.  Grrrrr.  I don’t know what happened, but the machine that formerly had no reverse but did have some tension issues, now only will go in reverse.  Here’s pictures of the mini tote that I made, which I think will be for Sophie:




Any flaws may be blamed on the machine, of course. 

Here’s what Sophie does to her dinner if you leave her alone with a shaker of salt:


She likes to eat salt out of the palm of her hand, preferably rock salt.  When I got mad at her about this (because it has happened before and we have discussed that salt is a condiment, not a part of the pyramid) she said, "Don’t worry, it isn’t the rock salt!"  I think I’ll just replace her spot at the table with a salt lick.

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