At her feet was a footloose maayun

Writer’s block = another Friday Shuffle (with extra songs)

Superstar ~ Carpenters
You Can’t Always Get What You Want ~ The Rolling Stones
Detlef Schrempf ~ Band of Horses
Regular Girl ~ K.
Garoux Des Larmes ~ Kristin Hersh
I Want You Back ~ Jackson 5
The Man Who Sold the World ~ David Bowie
Honky Cat ~ Elton John
Heartbeats ~ Jose Gonzalez
Where Do the Children Play? ~ Cat Stevens
Another Great American Zombie ~ Golden Birds
She Divines Water ~ Camper Van Beethoven
W.O.M.A.N. ~ Etta James
Ghost Riders in the Sky ~ Johnny Cash

My brother and I used to play our dad’s old 45 singles when we were little, and one of them was Ghost Riders in the Sky.  I don’t know what version it was, but I am pretty sure it was on RCA, so that would make it either Vaughn Monroe or Spike Jones.  Now, given that my last name used to be Monroe, I’m going to go with Spike Jones. I’d have remembered if it were Mr. Monroe, I do believe.

We also went nuts over his copies of the Singing Dogs — the original ones, not the reissues.  (I am loving the ads on that link by the way)  A little later (late 70s, maybe 1980) my dad’s friend, a DJ in Southern California, sent him a tape of this kooky guy named Weird Al, and my favorite from that cassette was always Gravy On You, his (unreleased) version of Heart’s Crazy on You

What more can I add?

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  1. furiousBall

    not enough furiousBall in that playlist… well most playlists. or any playlists besides my mom’s ipod.

    oh someone stole my mom’s ipod.



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