Maybe you will always be just a little out of reach

We watched Martian Child over the weekend, and there is a scene where John Cusack (I have had a crush on him for 22 years.  Wow.  I am freaking myself out.  That’s like scary, stalker talk.) is dancing with the little boy to this song.  That song.  The song in the video up there.  ^

I bought it from iTunes last night and put it on my iPod (hi, apple commercial ending now) and listened to it while I drove to work this morning.  It made me happy.  The kids like it, too, especially Lex.

I realized I *am* feeling happier, though nothing has changed.  Maybe it’s all the extra sunshine helping to fix my low vitamin D levels, maybe I got tired of being depressed.  Or, maybe it’s because of songs to sing along to, and gluten AND dairy free brownies. 

Yesterday I took Lex shopping for cleats, a soccer ball, shin guards — all that, and then we went to the new player evaluation.  While we waited for the coaches to show up, Lex went on the field to run around and kick the new ball. He wanted me to play, so I took off my sandals, and we practiced passing while running, drop kicks, goal tending, trapping, and headers.  It was so fun, even though I was barefoot and wearing a strapless bra.  (If I’m gonna be a soccer mom, I’m at least gonna go for sexay.)  Turns out all the parents remembered to show up, but the people from the league did not.  He’ll have to go back and do the skill thing another time.  I was glad, actually, that I got to just hang out with my boy.  It’s getting to be so rare for just the two of us to do anything.  We went to Peet’s on the way home for iced peppermint tea.  Lex wanted to sit outside, so we did.  There was this guy, kinda ‘normal’ looking (whatever that is) with a bike nearby and a helmet on.  He was sitting alone at a table with his coffee and writing and drawing in a paper journal.  I thought about how much I love journals with drawings scattered throughout the pages, and was just about to point him out to Lex when I saw what his tshirt said: If You Are What You Eat, I’m a Redhead.

After I stopped gagging, I grabbed Lex and said we should get home.  I did NOT want to try and explain that to him, even though we talk about pretty much everything.  Once we got home, he was drawn to the internet and I was drawn to my bed.  No one else was home, and so I NAPPED.  I don’t know the last time I napped.  Maybe that’s why I’m feeling less like laying down in the street today.   

4 thoughts on “Maybe you will always be just a little out of reach

  1. mamadaisy

    Hooray for Vitamin D!

    (and I have had the hots for John Cusack for about as long as I can remember. did Say Anything nab our entire generation, or what?)

  2. jenijen

    oh — he totally had me at The Sure Thing. (followed by Better off Dead, I think)

    And I WILL fight you for him, even though I love you. 😉

  3. Mocha

    That song made me really happy just now. I’m with you – tired of being down lately. I need a new playlist for my life. Or you could send John Cusack over to me. That would make me really happy.

  4. jenijen

    Mocha! I am happy it made you happy, but JC is mine. (only in my head, but still. i would totally let you touch him. would that be ok?)


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