14 thoughts on “before & after

  1. lorelei

    Oh, I do love it! Not just the sweet Locks of Love reason, but the hair itself. It isn’t loooong anymore, but it is a long way from short. And it IS so pretty and playful. Do you feel more playful? Come on…you know you want to!

  2. Jenijen

    Wow. Thanks so much for all the incredibly nice comments! I was expecting more of the “what were you thinking?!!?” type responses. It feels way better, and when I came home from the salon I got on the scale and saw that I was two pounds lighter than I was that morning. So, less headaches!

  3. Emily G.

    Ooooh, I like it! Are those … LAYERS? I love layers! Shoulder-length hair will give you some room to grow out should you, you know, have a lot of kids and not a lot of time for getting primped and trimmed because you are constantly taking care of said children.

  4. jenny r

    Oh yeah! I was going to say you could have gone even shorter, but you are still brave! Hey, was this right after the cut? You like like you have a little natural wave going on in there.


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