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Lucky, why?  Here’s why:



Until I lost two of my FAVORITE pair of shoes in the space of three days, I thought that I’d write about how terribly depressed I am.  But the spontaneous shoe combustion (okay, not combustion, per se, but an explosion of sorts) has trumped that because, really, those are SHOES, people.  And they are RUINED.  *sigh*

You know I will attempt to fix them.  There could even be a cobbler involved, if I can put my hands on one. 

So, this is exciting: I bought air-e-o-plane tickets to Texas.  For me.  And nobody else.  I’m going to visit family all. by. my. self. (happy dance) For five days.  Which, really, makes me very nervous about my kids needing me and having me gone for so long and even more nervous that they won’t need me at all.  Remember, this is the first time in ten years that I haven’t had a baby under three years old totally dependent on me.  I love it, but I’m definitely still acclimating. 

I’m going to fly into Houston Thursday (thus missing Sophie’s last day of preschool, ever, because I’m a bad mother), spend one night at my dad’s, and then we will drive up to Dallas (north of Dallas, really) to visit my grandmothers.  Monday I’ll fly home out of Dallas.  The scary plane dreams have already begun. 

More excitement: Sophie turns five on Saturday.



8 thoughts on “lucky you

  1. Jamie

    Shhh…listen..that’s the sound of silence..5 days of lucky girl ! Have a safe trip ! (What the heck happened to your shoes ?? !!)

  2. Marsha

    Change is hard and scary. I imagine that you will return refreshed and recharged and an even more fabulous mom, if that is even possible.

    Those shoes are smoking hot, I hope you can fix them or find something new that you can love for many years to come. I think they might have some shoe stores in Texas.

  3. Jenny

    Please tell Monkey-marble-sandwich, ooops I mean Sophie Happy Birthday from your loyal bloggies and have a great trip. (I’m jealous)

  4. marian

    You’re so brave! Have a wonderful trip. The kids will be fine. They’ll miss you and need you, and also not miss you and not need you. Business as usual. But they’ll be just fine and dandy.

  5. jenny r

    I wish I could see you on your trip! I need to go up to Garland (argh) to see my mom and the trip involves hotel and I don’t know when she’d like to see us anyway.

    Oh but yay for Sophie turning 5!!

  6. Jenijen

    My dad owns a house in Garland! We used to live in it, but now he rents it out. I am SO excited about my apron. I’m totally wearing it on the plane with jeans and a white tshirt.


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