bird bag

  bird bag 
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Well, hi.

A second night of blowing off responsibility and watching a screen.  This time, though, it was a movie in a theatre.  How novel!  We saw Stranger Than Fiction, which I completely enjoyed.  I ate popcorn (a whole bag which I didn’t share) and drank a soda (rarest of luxuries) and didn’t think about anything but that movie for the whole two hours (or however long) it was running. 

We had a kind of long running summer here this year, but suddenly (like, hours after the PG&E guy came to inspect my heater) it is cold.  And the cold when it’s been so warm is colder than the cold when it gets cold gradually.  So, it’s cold here, and it’s a few degrees colder feeling than what the thermometer says, not because of wind chill, but because of recent warmness.  Does it frighten you that even though that doesn’t make sense, it totally makes sense? 

Don’t worry, if you look closely enough, most things are that way.  Aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “bird bag

  1. marian

    That’s the way it is for us here. The cold is sudden and brutal. The kind of cold that will feel warm in six months but right now just feels cruel. But for us it happened over a month ago.

  2. Susan

    I understand completely–it was in the 80s here on Thursday and yesterday it dipped into the 60s and now I’m freezing, which seems irrational but isn’t.

    And I’m dying to see Stranger Than Fiction.


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