continued withdrawal symptoms

I just re-watched the last episode of Six Feet Under instead of doing all the things I really should have.  My eyes are all stingy from crying, and I’ll almost be sorry in the morning when I have to hustle.  But, Alan Ball?  He’s my hero. 

I really miss Six Feet Under.  It’s a little weird.


Willow is starting to whine and fidget in her sleep.  I’m sure that earache is going to rear its ugly and painful head any moment now. . .

6 thoughts on “continued withdrawal symptoms

  1. brooke

    its not weird. i get it. when six feet under ended i felt as though i’d lost friends/family. i loved those characters and they were a part of our lives for five years. with the depth with which alan ball throws us into their lives, how could we not miss them? now, try explaining this to non-six feet under people….

  2. GraceD

    Dollin, the only thing that snapped me out of my misery that Six Feet Under came to an end in August ’05 was Hurricane Katrina. That’s right, it had to take a natural disaster of biblical proportions to stop crying for the death of fictional TV characters.

    Still, wasn’t it so sad when David died? He died seeing that beautiful vision of the younger Keith?


  3. Dixie

    Oh I loved that last episode. I had to watch it a couple times myself. And Claire’s face as she’s driving down the road…just gorgeous. I cried and cried and cried while watching it.

  4. Udokier

    I miss it too. It was by far the best program on tv in any genre, ever. I remember so many vignettes so clearly, even years later. No show sticks with you that way. It must be hard for the actors to go out in public with people rushing up and wanting to hug them – the well of affection for these characters is so great.

    I’m living in a foreign country (Japan) so these characters helped round out a social life over here that is somewhat lacking, so I miss them all the more. RIP, Six Feet Under, and thank you to Alan Ball, Rachel Griffiths, Peter Krause, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose and all the others for something so memorable and special.

    The weird thing is, that like a life that ended when it was meant to, this series seemed to be departing at just the right time, too. As much as I miss it, I’m glad they aren’t ruining it by trying to wring more episodes out of it, or have cheesy reunion shows.


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