I’ve been splitting my time the past few days between having too much fun to be on the computer, being too hot to be on the computer, and hand washing my underpants in the sink wishing that the washing machine repair person could get here NOW instead of Wednesday "at the end of the day."  I think "at the end of the day," translates to "it won’t get fixed on Wednesday HA HA HA, suffer!" but, maybe I’ll get lucky. 

The Friday fun was going to Berkeley to see this play,
which you should see if you get a chance — it’s very good and will
make you laugh and my brother-in-law does the sound design and even if
he didn’t work for Central Works I’d still be telling you to attend,
because it is a superb play.  The Saturday fun was at Gwendomama’s
house, where it was HOT.  So HOT that I may or may not have gone
swimming in my underwear in full view of other people who are not
related to me.  (Thankfully for everyone involved, it was after dark.)
Even though it was HOT, like 105 degrees hot and nowhere to escape from
the HOT except the pool, I had much fun visiting and eating enough to
make a pig embarrassed for me.

My four year blogging anniversary came and went.  I’m still awestruck by how many wonderful people I’ve met just because I decided to talk endlessly about myself on the internet.  And I will get to meet more of those wonderful people in just a few days at BlogHer.  I apologize for the 80’s speak in advance, but there’s just no better way to say it:  I’m so psyched! 

5 thoughts on “Debriefing

  1. Lin

    Psyched to see you too, kid. It was 110 here for our big dinner party for 50 folks on Sat. night. We do have air, so smack me. Daughter Jane’s power went off yesterday and they’re on their way over here to stay. Fingers crossed that we don’t lose it here.

  2. menoblog

    I would probably have just gone to Costco and bought a keg o’undies rather than hand wash them. That’s how lazy i am.

    Four years! Happy anniversary.

    There also may have been some skinny-dipping at my house late one night this past week.

  3. badgerbag

    Keg o’ undies… the mind reels.

    We’ve all been walking around naked. There was a point on the weekend when I realized that underwear was too hot, and understood why people wear loincloths or just a piece of string in hot climates.

  4. gwendomama

    oh jen- we’ve been naked since you left. i am naked right now but should probably get dressed since i am coming to see you and many others at dinner tonight!
    nobody noticed. about the underwear, that is. they were all either wearing their own underwear, or completely wasted from their two beers+heat!


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