Dude, it is too hot here

This is supposed to be California. Mild weather. We put up with high prices and overcrowding for a reason. 101 in the shade is not mild.

Oops. Shannon pointed out that I forgot to link my link yesterday. The book I’m reading is The War of Don Emmanuel’s Netherparts, by Louis De Bernieres. I’m so happy to know that there are two more in the series, though I think they are somewhat loosely connected. Tonight what I read was profoundly sad, so the parts that make me laugh till I snort and the kids stare at me are very important.

One of the things I hate most is happening to me right now; my drink or the cup or whatever it is, smells like old sponge. I’ve written about this before. Excuse me while I freshen up my watered-down orange juice.

Alrighty. Now I’ve got non-smelly watered-down lemonade in a wide-mouth canning jar. (Mom, do you want all your jars back? I have lots of them.) The chiropractor has lots of interesting books in her lovely waiting area. You sort of want her to be running twenty minutes late, at least. Two of the books I looked at were about the health benefits of drinking lots of water and the healing properties of feng shui. So, I have been trying to drink lots more water, which I already knew I needed to do, and I’m making lists of all the little repairs that need doing. The theory is that until you get all the small unfinished tasks dealt with, it is very difficult to move forward. Even if you don’t believe in the energy-flow concept, that makes lots of sense. First will be the repairs, then we’ll continue with the clutter issues. Gotta free up that energy to move around the room unhindered and get out when need be.

I mentioned to my mom that I was short cash to pay for the kids’ school fees and she came right over with a check. I’m really really grateful. If it wasn’t for all her kids (except my brother doesn’t hit her up for money I don’t think) she’d be doing things she wants to, like going to London again. I should go make some pasta angels to sell so I can pay her back.

1 thought on “Dude, it is too hot here

  1. Mom

    First, you are not going to pay me back.

    Second, my email account at work had a breakdown and I lost my address book, so I’m sending you this recipe via your website. Because I have a rotten memory about some kinds of things – like email addresses. It’s for

    Untuna Salad.

    1 15oz can of garbanzo beans, drained and mashed
    Mayo (to your liking)
    2 tsp dijon mustard
    2 scallions, sliced up
    Sweet pickle relish or dill pickles cut up – as you like and in the amount you like
    Salt & pepper

    We had it for dinner last night over chopped tomatoes and sliced avocados and, you know, it was pretty darn good. Even Jim liked it well enough to say he would like to eat it again.


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