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John took the boys out for an after dinner hike tonight. Dinner was rice; black beans with onions, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, and red bell peppers; cheese quesedillas; butternut squash; and those damn chicken nuggets for the carnivores. While the boys hiked, the girls and I played in the sprinklers and then with the garden hose and then in the bathtub. We put on our jammies and waited for the boys who WORRIED ME by coming home well past sundown. I thought that they had slid off a hill and were being eaten by mountain lions. Not too far-fetched, given the frequency they’ve been seen up there. But John is brave and tall and could kick some mountain lion ass if need be, so really I worried more that somebody had hurt themselves and they were having a hard time getting back down the trail. What they were actually doing was checking out a couple of toads, some bats, a bird, and an owl or two. They had an excellent time and after the past couple of days they more than needed it. Another thing to add to the ‘do more often’ list.

After I got all the kiddos to bed, with John helping out by reading to the boys, I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry. The school early bedtime is a beautiful thing. I don’t even mind getting up early when they go to sleep before me. Now I’m up because the girls were both just up and I can’t sleep. Who needs it anyway?

The book I’m reading makes me laugh out loud, but it isn’t all humor. Some of it is unbearably grim. I love that.

I just looked at the clock. Yikes. Got to at least try to sleep now or else I won’t hear the alarm.

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