Feliz Navidad

I just spent over two hours wrapping presents, and I barely made a dent.  I had to call it a night when I was wrapping some pajamas for the girls.  I used this paper that’s been knocking around my wrapping paper box for a couple of years.  It’s shiny, like foil, but, well, soft, really.  I can’t describe it better than that.  It’s silver and has little red trees and messages like, Merry Christmas, written on it.   Very original.

While I was using that paper to wrap gifts, I caught a nasty whiff of something like BO mixed with cumin.  So, you know, I checked myself, because it was b a d and if that was me, I needed to do something about it.  It wasn’t me.  I was, in fact, on the fresh side even though today was long. 

Ever since I was pregnant with Lex I’ve had a bloodhound nose, so I sniffed around for the source. It was the wrapping paper.  How that is possible I don’t know, but I do know that the wrapping paper was the cause. 

That’s when I decided I was done for the night. 

I’m going to put this next bit after the jump so I don’t jinx it.

It’s a long story, but the end result is this: I think that it is possible that maybe I might get to go here in February.  (I cannot type the name for fear of the jinx.) 

I’ve left the US exactly once, when I went to Toronto, and back then you didn’t need a passport, so I don’t have one.  I went to the passport place at the post office today where I discovered that I have grown.  I am five feet, two inches.   I swear to you that I never was that tall before.  I was always five feet, nearly one inch, tall. 

I grew!

Anyway, I’m so happy at the thought of getting to take this trip.  I’m going to get into super geeky tourist mode and power through all the churches, museums, cemeteries, and cafes that I can get to.  There is a picasso museum there, and, oh my god, gaudi. . . the sagrada familia.  There’s a miro museum — a whole museum!  The cathedral of santa eulalia with the geese.  I’ve never even seen a cathedral — the churches in san francisco impress me. 

I’m getting dizzy. 

The whole thing (airfare+hotel) will be paid for, otherwise I couldn’t even consider something like this right now.  As it is, I keep pinching myself. 

Now, to get over my intense fear of flying.  Especially the thought of flying over an ocean.  Eeek.

10 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

  1. mcewen

    Oh yes, the ‘super sense’ of pregnancy -I think this is Mother Natures clever way of helping us protect our babies [but what would I know.]
    As for Barcelona – we went there whilst we were on our Honeymoon – you are going to have a fatanbulous time!
    The people are very friedly, and if you can learn one or two Spanish phrases and can be brave enough to try them, they will love you.

  2. capello

    omg, i totally want to go *there* with you.

    i’ve left the us twice, but i don’t count mexico (especially cancun) as leaving the states.

    but that place? in february? would be awesome.

    (and wrapping paper that smells like BO and cumin? gross.)

  3. Dixie

    “…like BO mixed with cumin.”

    There’s a guy that lives on my floor that smells just like that! He can make the elevator reek and it stays that way for like a half hour after he’s been in there.

    Hope you can make it to this side of the Atlantic. Get that passport. You never know when a travel opportunity will pop up.

  4. Belinda

    I hope you got the pajamas out of the stink-paper in time!

    And congrats on “the other thing.” It’s awesome, and you totally deserve it. Geek on out, my friend!

  5. Marsha

    I have never been to Spain, I cannot wait to read all about it. I still haven’t finished wrapping and we are a day ahead. I am queen of procrastination.

  6. shannon

    How awesome would that be! I finsihed wrapping last night, but that’s because I drew the line at wrapping my mom’s presents for the kid – she always brings them over unwrapped and says, well, you can wrap them if you want. (When we were kids, she’d pile up our gifts and put a sheet over each little pile – the woman really hates wrapping things! 🙂


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