winter shadows


I made it to my massage appointment today, and tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend at a real restaurant.

There once was a time when those two things might happen on the same day, and I wouldn’t think it was so amazing, but now having them happen even in the same month makes me feel spoiled or something. 

Funny how things change.

The kids are out of school for winter break, and they are barfy, ear-infected, snotty, poopy, cranky, and demanding DE MAND ING to go play with friends.  John’s off work till January 2nd, so I’m trying to actually post for Blogging Baby rather than just saying I blog there.  They are patient and kind to keep me with my 8 posts for all of December.

We are mostly ready for Christmas, but I never really feel ready.  I’m still in a pretty major funk.  The barf isn’t helping.  At all.  The massage helped.  I just stretched out and relaxed and had those half-asleep thoughts that don’t make sense once you open your eyes.

It’s been cold here, at least cold here for here.  The kids have a red metal wagon that was full of rainwater.  I told them yesterday morning to go check it out and sure enough, it was icy.  They were thrilled.  John got good pictures of it.



2 thoughts on “winter shadows

  1. mamadaisy

    yep, we’re barfy and coughy and ear-infected and bronchitisy over here, too. not much fun or good for the christmas cheer. we made christmas cookies today and tried not to sneeze directly on them.

    hope the funk lifts and you all are feeling better soon.

  2. Marsha

    I hope y’all feel better very soon. Very excited about your massage and lunch. I enjoy all your posts at blogging baby, so I look forward to more. I even bought Lily a Leap-Frog thingy for Christmas.


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