for jen b!

March1306_004The boys haven’t had haircuts in many months.  Now that the play is over with, I decided to take them to the barber.  But, they both really like their long hair, especially Nate, who refused to get even his bangs trimmed. 



Lex agreed to take a little off. So we all sat and watched him.  The girls played on the hairy barbershop floor, while I tried not to throw up.  If I even think about myself or anyone else having HAIR in their mouth, I puke.



By this time, the girls had helped themselves to lollipops and were climbing on all the empty barber chairs.  Luckily, no one minded.  And here is where the camera stopped working again.  So there are no photos of the ice cream store visit.  Which was messy and funny and very photographable.  I kept count, and I was asked SEVEN times if all those kids were mine.  I think that I’ll get one of those personalized zip up sweatshirts that says YES, THEY ARE ALL MINE.

7 thoughts on “for jen b!

  1. AMG

    To me, four kids isn’t a lot – it’s the norm! I grew up with two sisters and a brother, and all of my aunts and uncles had at least two kids – in fact, the family with just two kids was the tiny weird family. One aunt and uncle had three kids, five of them had four kids, and two had six kids. Holidays were crazy and loud and crowded and I loved it. Now everyone’s older and it’s not quite as crazy and loud, but I still love it. I can’t quite comprehend that we might have had bigger than average families. It seemed like everyone I knew had at least four kids in their family.

  2. jess

    I am so sick of hearing that. Really want to barf when i hear it now and have trouble holding my tongue. Especially when it’s followed by “wow, you’re busy!” No shit.

  3. Dixie

    At what point did we cross a line and somehow having four kids is weird? Sure, I guess it’s more than is usual these days but it’s not like it’s eight or ten kids. That many kids likely begs for a comment.

    There were four kids in my family. I know no one quizzed my mother about her having four kids. I guess she’d have looked at them crossed eyed because four didn’t seem like a lot to her – her mother and my dad’s mother both had eight children.

    Oooo yeah. Foreign hair. Yarg. I get ooged out when I find one of my own hairs not attached to my head, nevermind someone else’s.

  4. marian

    It wasn’t that long ago that anything less than three was considered tragic. God forbid you didn’t have ANY. My husband’s family were four. My ex’s parents had ten. It’s just an unusual decision these days. A rare sighting. Be proud.

  5. jenB

    they are all so cute! i was hoping for before and after photos or some with one or both boys screaming. great photo set none the less. 🙂


  6. Sue

    Your salon looks normal…my mom took me to a scary scary lady who scrubbed my scalp so hard that I had haircut trauma for years…I still have it, really, because a couple years ago this stylist started messing with me too much and telling me I was “hiding my beauty” and I totally burst into big hard tears…Yeesh. I am only 44. Will I ever get right about this?


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