Now the camera works

A Moment
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but yesterday it wouldn’t, so there are no more photos of the boys from their play. They both gave fun performances, and it seemed like all the kids had a really good time. I promised a review, but I’m not going to deliver. Not now, anyway. I’m too sleepy.

It’s all snowy in the hills around here, which is unusual and beautiful. Also, cold.

Too sleepy to continue. . .

2 thoughts on “Now the camera works

  1. Daria

    The boys are adorable. Of course the camera works after big events. If I don’t forget to bring mine it always malfunctions.
    Anyway I had a dream about you. I remembered it at 6am but then had to do the child thing and forgot it. All I remember is it very nice and made me happy. If I remember it I’ll post but I doubt my memory. It had to do something with you and one of your girls, but can’t remember, maybe a nap is in order.


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