four for five dollars

four for five dollars
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Finally. I should have bought more, now that I think about it.

Sophie is sick, again, with a stomach flu. Or, maybe it’s food poisoning since I caved and took the kids to what Willow calls TinkoBell for supper last night. I told her it’s Takko Bell, and she said, “Oooooh. TickleBell!”

So, I’m off to make up for lost time. (I think time spent cleaning up barf should automatically earn instant karma rewards, but since I have that attitude I know it won’t be so.) One of the things I have to do today is pick up a wireless router so that I can blog from the couch.

I accidentally washed and dried Nate’s new iPod shuffle. (Damn those cargo pants and their many pockets.) I thought it was a gonner, but after a day of me dreading giving him the bad news, it started working again.

Sophie calls. . .

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