Spent the day and then some doing a dance with my new (not-so-cheap) wireless router.  It was like this:

WR:  Hey.  I’m a little shy. 
Computer:  That’s okay!  I love shy!  What can I do to make you comfortable?
WR:  Well, hmmm. . . you could put on this little installation cd.
C:  Sure! No problem!
C:  How’s that?
WR: *sigh*
C:  I see you are all lit up, but, somehow I can’t find you.
WR:  *ahem*  You should start over, and be nicer this time.
C:  Okay.  (uninstall, reinstall, refind router, rename wireless network)  Is that better?
WR:  Yes, perfect.  Let’s dance!
C:  I’d be honored.  Say, my friend MacBook is here, can she, like, you know, join us?
WR:  I don’t know who in the hell you are!  Go away!
C to MB:  Just be patient, WR will come around.
MB (thinking) yeah. right. whatever. later.

Eh, this is lame, and not even close to how complicated it all was.  Is, I suppose.  Anyway, the router kept working on the PC (we still have an HP desktop that also has to be connected to the router), and then I’d sign on with the mac, and that whole thing would last for less than two minutes before no pages could be found and when I went into the router help thing it was giving me this "Cannot Detect Router" message, which, really — NOTHING had changed, so I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

I finally just uninstalled it and unplugged it and nearly threw it out the window.  While I was trying to get this whole thing working, John took the kids to fly Soph’s new kite.  At least someone got things off the ground today. 

4 thoughts on “wired

  1. mamadaisy

    in theory, PCs and Mac are supposed to play nice together on the same wireless network, but i’ve never been able to do it either. we switched to macs and just plug in the PC laptop when we need to. ugh. good luck to you.

    wine does not help in this situation — i tried already.

  2. capello

    yeah. aaron’s in charge of all that stuff. i just scream and throw a hissy fit and he fixes it all. but he never fixes it fast enough for my like.

    geesh, i’m a brat.

  3. Erin

    I just gave up on my wireless (for a PC) connection a couple days ago. My router would play along nicely for a while and then suddenly dump the connection. And then I would have to wait and wait for it to come back. It seems to be some weird ju-ju between my laptop and the router, because my husband’s laptop works just fine. Grrr.

    I’m with capello. Fixing all that stuff is totally my husband’s domain. I call him and yell that something isn’t working and he gets to fix it. Same thing with cars.

  4. mamasutra

    Deja vu…we did the wireless fight a while ago. Our router hates the microwave and shuts down. It hates a lot of things, apparently. But, yeah, I don’t “do” the tech stuff Chez Sutra; I have worked on perfecting my whining and pleading.

    Your kids are adorable!!


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