I worked in a chilly office all day and brought my lunch, so did not get outside even for a second. Then I  came home to a 93 degree, but pretty clean, house.  It’s actually not too bad, except for right now with a hot laptop on my legs.  I guess that doing yoga in a heated studio just makes anything under 100 feel fine. 

Summer vacation is barely a week old, and already no one (except sometimes me) goes to bed when they should.  At 10:15 tonight I let Willow put on Martian Child.  And, yeah, the Cusack factor did help her case, but still — she ought to be sleeping so that I can watch Juno because she’s only five, not fifteen.  I bought it (Juno) a couple of weeks ago and keep falling asleep before having a chance to watch it.  This is the reason I buy instead of renting; it can be weeks before I get a moment to watch something. 

My step brother and his daughter came over the other night with her son.  He’s eleven months old and wiry, like my babies all were.  He does that Spiderman crawl, on his feet and hands instead of his knees, and he’s quick.  He has red hair.  He let me hold him (mmmmmmmm, baby holding) and give him a bottle.  He’s got excema, and I remembered that i had an unopened thing of baby lotion that said all over the label "Even For Excema," so I put some on his poor little red knees.   To help him.

And, of course it burned like hell and he cried and whimpered and I have trouble recalling the last time that I felt so very, very terrible.  I was thinking of the time that I had a wicked sunburn on my back after spending a day watching the kids at the soccer field, and John put this aloe vera gel on my back.  It contained alcohol, and it was like fire.  I said all the bad words I know, jumped around, screamed at him (who cares about being unfair when it hurts SO bad), flapped like a bird, and got into a cold shower.  (My back still looks weird from that sunburn.)  I imagine he was feeling like that, but without the satisfaction of being able to pronounce the truly satisfying words that I was shrieking that day.

Well, Willow has finally fallen asleep.  I am going to get closer to the fan, put on my movie and do a little happy dance that Mercury is no longer retrograde. 

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