You know that feeling when you can tell you’re getting sick, but you aren’t sick yet?  Is it Pre-Sick?  A throat tickle, stingy lips, lightheadedness.  Chills.  I have been feeling that feeling, not about getting sick, but about getting depressed.  Maybe that is sick, but it’s different.  I can’t seem to get over it by taking extra vitamin C and sleeping more. 

Instead I am listening to sad music to try and get through it faster somehow, and then switching to more upbeat stuff when I’m too sad to stand up.  Nothing’s wrong, exactly, but suddenly I just can’t decide what to wear every morning, and I stand there in my bathrobe, looking in my closet for things that have never even been there, ever, but somehow I’m hoping they’ll magically appear to make everything better, in only the way clothes can.  And I kind of want to run away to someplace warm, even though it’s pretty hot here at the moment. 

I know it will pass, and probably return again, but I hate being at the very start of feeling like this. 

This morning I knew Willow was awake because I heard her singing.  I grabbed my camera, but just missed her, so this is a video of her command performance:

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