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Sophie loves her Fussy shirt.  (this one is all sold out.  i think we bought the last two)  She wears it to school all the time (today, in fact!) and she’s always sure to call it My Fussy Shirt, and not something less love-filled like, The Fussy Shirt.  I have one, too, and perhaps sometime I’ll post a picture of me in mine.  Also, you can’t see her black pants with the white stripes down the side in this photo, but I have the very same pants that she wore today (in a matronly size, duh).  We could totally dress in the same outfit.  But, because I’m a snob about that stuff, we never, ever will. 

It’s also too bad you can’t see her brown and pink H$ll0 K*tty shoes. 

Parent/teacher conferences were this week.  Lex

is in 4th grade and reading at a 10.3 grade level.  That’s equivalent to a sophomore with three months of learnin’ under his belt.  I would really like someone somewhere to do a study to test my theory that a kid’s attitude is influenced by his reading level.  Because along with the ten-year-old fart jokes and propensity to quote Bart Simpson, there has been much eye rolling and "ppsssshhh" ing, along with the very teen, "You Just Don’t Understand," and, "Jeez, Mom.  What. Ev. Er."  So, I’m holding out hope that maybe when he’s in 6th grade and reading at a graduate school level, he’ll be over the attitude and into pulling all-nighters to study for chemistry tests.   

I’m driving everyone I know crazy with my yoga evangelizing.  Seriously.  I’m going to the yoga studio five days a week, at least four of those days are Bikram, and I never shut up about how much! I! Love! it! and How! great! I! feel!  I do.  I love it and I feel great and I am starting to have a better relationship with my body, because although it doesn’t look like I would like, it’s getting really strong.   

Right now, it’s feeling very tired so I am going to put it to bed and let it sleep for a few hours.  Mmmmmm.  Sleep.

4 thoughts on “fussy

  1. eve

    I got up waaaaay early this morning just so I could fit in an hour of yoga. It *does* feel good. It *does* make you strong. You’re not lyin’, sister!! Preach it!

  2. mamadaisy

    i think i am even more jealous of your yoga time than i am of your trip to spain (and that’s saying a lot). daily yoga makes such a HUGE difference in life and i’m so happy you are getting to enjoy it. hooray! hot yoga rocks!

  3. Marsha

    While every kid is very different, my 16 year old was much more difficult to live with in grades 4,5 and 6 than she is in high school. The eye rolling, door slamming, MOTHER etc has settled down and she acts pretty much like herself again.

  4. Mrs. Kennedy

    I’m glad she likes the shirt still!

    I get in about 15-30 minutes of yoga a day — but even doing just that much makes a total, discernable difference in my body. That shit is miraculous, yo.


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