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The newspaper says it may rain tomorrow, but yesterday the weather was perfect. Took the kids to the park and enjoyed the sun and the green and the icy creek.

Meh. I keep typing and then deleting. I keep finding myself wishing that things were simpler, more streamlined or something. Time to stop wishing and go pack up a few things to donate. Maybe clean out the fridge and sweep the front porch. Stuff like that makes me feel better sometimes. Really I just want to go to the beach with a big blanket and listen to the ocean while I nap.

It would seem I am having a motivation problem.

3 thoughts on “wish

  1. christina

    I have felt the same way, but off and on for the past 4 weeks! I’ve decided to get down to business and streamline as well, beginning with all the stuff my children have horded in their rooms. We’re going to organize their rooms and make things easier for them to navigate on their own. If you’re interested in some tips on how to organize your kids’ rooms, the company I work for has a great, free resource available at http://www.organizingmyhome.com.

  2. Donna

    We all have days like that. The good news is that they pass and we get back to normal.

    If you can get away with it, don’t fight it. Take the day off (or as much as you possibly can).


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