get me to the airport, put me on a plane

Last night I came home a little early, and Nate was in the driveway playing basketball with a couple of his friends.  I like that it’s light later.  I feel like I get to see the kids more for some reason. 

They helped make a salad to go with supper.  Nate loves to play with knives (also known as "chopping things"), so he got out a bag of baby carrots and chopped them into pea sized pieces.  I gave Soph an avocado and a butterknife, and she chopped it into a mushy pile.  Willow cried, so we gave her a tea set knife and she mushed it up some more. 

After John went to work, all the kids got into bed with me and we read a couple chapters of Matilda.  Even Lex put down the book he’s reading (All Creatures Great and Small) and lay near me, listening.  After the girls fell asleep, I scootched them over so that I could sleep next to Nate.  Lex slept crossways on the foot of the bed.   I woke up several times with a knee jammed into my spine, and Nate kept me up from 2 until 4, whimpering and fighting and calling out in his sleep.  You’d think that I’d be all drooling over the thought of having my very own hotel bed, but even though I’m looking forward to this trip, I’m not really into leaving the kids. 

I’m going in less than 24 hours, and I still have to get a ton of work squared away, pack, pay bills, balance the checkbook, shop — all that last minute stuff. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep up with my life.

There is much more sink than swim.  More working than mom.

3 thoughts on “get me to the airport, put me on a plane

  1. GraceD

    You totally need a wife.

    Have big fun in the big city. I love that you’re going places. You deserve to travel everywhere, my love.


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