I left my heart in . . . aw crap, it’s somewhere I think

I talked to the girls last night for just a little bit.  In contrast to the tears they squeezed out for me when I was (guiltily) leaving them (I think in my 11 + years of parenting you can count those on a couple handfuls of fingers) tonight was direct Webkinz questioning.  MOM: IF THEY HAVE THOSE IN NEW YORK, AND IF THEY HAVE UNICORNS BUT THEY ALSO HAVE PIGS, I WOULD LIKE THE UNICORN.  OH YEAH — P L E A S E !

I think I could have predicted that. 

So, I have slept for maybe ten hours since I got up to go to work on Tuesday.  Where I am now, it’s Friday afternoon.  I suspect that I may be a bit sleep deprived and not quite myself.   Case in point; I can’t even figure out how many days and nights Tuesday morning was ago.

I feel a little silly, because after wanting to come and see New York ever since I was a teensy sesame street watcher, I’m holed up 14 stories above it, a little to frazzled to get out there.   I didn’t die of claustrophobia in the Lincoln Tunnel, but I nearly passed out when I realized that not only was I in one long-ass tunnel, I was in one long-ass UNDERWATER tunnel.  Luckily before I keeled over, we popped up into New York and I felt better. 


I’m going to google how the hell much I’m supposed to be tipping people and then get out there. 

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