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I’m a little bit nervous because I have a date tomorrow.  He’s a doctor.  A cardiologist.

I still have the achy Hulk Veins in my arm, and whenever I lie on my back (I had to look this shit up even though I was at one time a technical writing major, if you are stuck on the lay/lie thing, here you go) I feel like the left side of my neck is puffy.  Like maybe the arteries there are acting like the veins in my arm.   Turns out that if your doctor sees you and agrees that you do have the Hulk Veins on your arm but notes that you don’t have rillybadpain or redswollentenderness then she will say, Meh.  It’ll get better on its own.  But, then, if you send her an email and you’re all casually, like, Heeeeeey, yeah, so it feels like there is a band around my upper arm and I’m still lightheaded and, you know, like, WHAT SHOULD I DO?  then she will sigh and roll her eyes and have the secretary call and get you a visit with the cardiologist just to shut you up. 

Whatever.  I’m freaked out enough to take it.  Honestly, even if this isn’t dangerous, I want it to go away because my arm is a freak show.  It’s embarrassing to have these protruding veins in my arm and omg, on the back of my hand.  I just want it better.

Then today I came down with a weird-ass rash on the ring finger of my left hand.  Nowhere else.  It’s like a bazillion little itchy dots, just where my wedding ring would be if I wore one (I’m allergic to mine, so it’s in my jewelry box).  But I haven’t worn my ring in a long time, so it’s not from that.   I’d ask the doctor about it tomorrow, but I am sure that he’ll just shrug his shoulders at me and tell me to not worry about it.  I’m not, worried about it that is, but it itches like hell and is making my finger look like a lizard tail.  Between the reptile skin and the Hulk Veins, I’m feeling not so cute, ya know?

My friend Jen Downer put up more shots from our photo shoot in May.  She’s the best and if you’re anywhere near Portland, you need to hire her.  Thank me later šŸ˜‰

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