Grace In Small Things: 11 of 365

  1. Plans for lemonade, made with simple syrup (and probably booze)
  2. Discovering that the Trader Joe’s gluten free pancake and waffle mix makes bitchen waffles.
  3. A quiet house.  For at least another twenty minutes.
  4. Plans with my mom for this weekend (even though I’m a rotten daughter and not only didn’t get her a birthday gift for her birthday yesterday, but am TAKING money from her to help with expenses that I just can’t seem to manage).
  5. If, hypothetically, you *just* finished paying off your 2007 income taxes and then went ahead and figured out the 2008 taxes and discovered that someone (not you, but someone you must pay taxes with – you know – in this example) didn’t really bother with the whole “withholding” thing, guess what?  The government takes payments!  I have to be grateful for that part; it’s seriously all that is keeping my head from exploding.  

Grace In Small Things – check it out

5 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: 11 of 365

  1. Viellefemme

    I want to say again how much I like the new banner – it’s a keeper! And, you know, one of the reasons that parents take care of their kids is on the off chance that one day they may be on the receiving end. You gotta cover all your bases! Looking forward to the weekend plans!

  2. Shawna

    Just wanted to mention, I’ve been following your grace in small things post and am already noticing a big difference in the way you react to things. You may have to change the name of your blog in addition to your banner. BRAVO!


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