Grace In Small Things: 12 of 365

from the weekend

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  1. Life gave me lemons.  I have a Meyer lemon tree in my own (rented) backyard, and it's full of ripe lemons.
  2. The ornamental plum tree has a bunch of buds.  It usually flowers right around Willow's birthday, maybe a week or two after.
  3. Truffles.  Pictured: margarita filled; single malt Scotch filled; dark chocolate, caramel, and sea salt.  Not pictured: Patron filled.  Oh, yeah.
  4. Found a shiny, heads-up penny in the wet grass today.
  5. I started making a felt garland for my little nephew or niece who is due to arrive in about two months.  *I. am. so. SO. excited* B A B Y !  (I made one of these for the girls' room awhile back.) 
  6. Saw Nate and Soph in their school play twice.  They worked really hard, and it showed.
  7. Had lunch with my mom on Saturday AND on Sunday. 
  8. We went to an antique fair in a part of San Jose that has a bunch of Eichlers.  (Love.Want.)  Near where we parked I saw this big stamp in the sidewalk.  
  9. At the antique fair my mom bought me a very sweet vintage apron. It's green and purple, with little pansies on the front.  It even has a pocket.  

I don't have a photo of it, but on Saturday night SG cooked me supper and took me to see an incredible classical guitarist named Marcin Dylla.  I've taken piano lessons, and guitar; I also took choir in seventh grade.  People who can make music like that just floor me.  I'm so in awe.

And, finally, I have to be very happy and grateful that my hair grows faster than average.  Really, really happy.

Hair 024

5 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: 12 of 365

  1. patois

    I lived in the starter Eichler for nearly four years. I loved the house, but it was too small for us. But, oh, the airiness and the floor heater. Ahhhhh.

  2. Shannon

    Short hair can be fun, and yes it grows. Do you have good product that you can play with to make it look the way you want it?

    I had to comment because I really like your blog, Its very “real” and I can relate to you.



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