Hang on tight


My whole life is a blur at the moment, and I feel like I’m more than a few steps behind it all trying to grab ahold.  Like running after a train might feel, I guess.

I’ve been pretty sick with this stupid autoimmune thing I have, and my doctor put me back on prednisone.  I hate taking it for a million reasons, but right now I’ve exhausted all my other non-surgical options.  The one sort of good thing is that it makes me really hyper and manic.  You should SEE my to-do list.  I think I’ll open my seasonal gift-making sweatshop of one later tonight.  Am feeling driven to rearrange my closet while simultaneously writing a novel and planning the next month’s worth of meals.  

Thanksgiving is kind of blowing my mind by suddenly being a week away.  I’m surprised how thankful I am feeling this year.  I mean, for someone who bitches and gripes all the time, I’m really so grateful that when I stop to think about it I get all teary.  I took next Wednesday off work so that I can bake pies with my small fry.  Maybe I’ll even get a grip on that speeding train.  

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