I love November anyway


I'm learning that there is no such thing (at least for me) as an amicable divorce.  I'm getting it with both barrels (from both exes) today, and the only thing I feel like writing at the moment would be a long, all-caps, profanity dominated rant.  I'll leave acting like an asshole to the assholes.  After all, I'm too busy working and taking care of my kids to waste energy on crap.  I'm going to go home, open a gluten-free beer, make a kickass supper for my kids, help Soph with a big school project due tomorrow, bake sugar cookies, and beg SG to help me with a spreadsheet.  (First, though, I totally need to quit crying at my desk.)

13 thoughts on “I love November anyway

  1. dawn

    I had a really good friend who had just gone through a divorce when I lived in Houston. One night we had a couple of cocktails and decided at about 3am that it would be a good idea to run to the exes house and toilet paper it. No lie. Since we had partaken of about 8 leeeeetle drinks each, it also seemed like a good idea to pretend to be a bush whenever a car would drive by. It ended up being not just a good idea but a great one!
    I will totally come on over there and have some cosmo’s with you and then toilet paper those jerks houses! πŸ™‚
    Also, I’m sending some hugs your way. Hang in there,

  2. Genie

    I went through a messy divorce years ago and all I wanted to do was rant on my blog about it. That was the year of Internet self-restraint. Part of me is sad that there’s a huge hole in my blog from that time period, but I was trying the path of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

    Take care!

  3. Viellefemme

    It could be worse……YOU COULD STILL BE MARRIED TO EITHER ONE OF THEM! And, in the words of your great-great grandmother, “This, too, shall pass.”

  4. jenijen

    dude. In the real world it’s never about me. But, you know – my blog, my navel gazing, my perspective, your total freedom to read sites you actually enjoy.


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