How to SPOT me at BlogHer:

I’ll be the one with the poison oak rash all over her face (so! attractive!!) and neck and legs.  Probably other places by then, too, but I’m trying to not think about that.   

Oh, I’ll also be the only one without a laptop. 

Good things do happen as well, though.  Yesterday I went to Tarjay to get a new microwave and I found one ON SALE that came with a free little am/fm radio thingie for the kitchen AND IT HAS AN IPOD DOCK ON TOP!  Score!  It even charges it up!!  Of course, I cannot plug the ipod into the computer because itunes is still funky, and currently empty, and if I hook up the ipod it will come away empty and then I’ll only be able to listen to NPR while I cook and do dishes.  But, maybe that would smarten me up some.

6 thoughts on “How to SPOT me at BlogHer:

  1. gwendomama

    OH NO! you will NOT be the only one at Blogher without a laptop! well, you will the first day, nothing i can do about that – but not the second day when i join you!
    we can sit together and pass notes in LONGHAND!


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