I feel the earth move under my feet


Jenny and I got into a cab on Sunday morning so we could go to the Met and see a tiny slice of Central Park before we went to the airport.  Our driver asked us something (maybe if we liked New York) and we both said YES at the same time.  I’ve got singers! he said.

Then we talked about earthquakes while we drove down Madison Avenue and I was glad that we weren’t walking because then I’d have come home to no more money in the bank.   He was incredulous that we could live in California and still sleep at night.  THE VERY EARTH UNDER YOUR FEET! MOVING!? he said.  NO WAY. 

You know what they should do?  They should get airplanes and helicopters all set up, and when there is an earthquake everyone could just get up off the ground.

I was actually loving that plan, but we did point out to him that there isn’t really any warning system set up. Also, that would be a LOT of helicopters and airplanes in the air at the same time, which just might be worse than doing the duck & cover.

I’m shamelessly blogging at work, which isn’t against the grain in this office, natch, but I do have several hundred emails to answer (NOTE: NOT A JOKE, THAT).  This is what I’ve been daydreaming about since Saturday:



5 thoughts on “I feel the earth move under my feet

  1. jenijen

    they were so so so so so so so GOOD. SO GOOD. jenny took pictures of me eating one and is making them into a little animated thing that will embarrass the hell out of me. no recipe, and bringing them home was a huge failure. i refuse to be sad, though, and have their business card tacked to my wall, and when i have time i will see if they deliver to california.

    i’m not kidding, either

  2. gwendomama

    Oh i remember before i moved out here 20 yrs ago from boston…whenever i informed anyone of my plan, their reaction was almost always the same:
    WHY you wanna move out there? All theyve got are the earthquakes and the gays and the aids.
    i liked to respond that i was actually a lesbian seismologist iv drug user.

  3. evem

    yummy cupcakes…we had an earthquake in indiana once. my brother & i ran out of the house once we realized the floor was doing the wave. i was just dumbfounded. my brother said, “well…that was either an earthquake or poltergeists.” both seemed equally valid.


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