I’m betting that the landlord will never google my name

We live in a duplex, which means that we have a common wall with our next door neighbor.  Whenever anyone next door runs the garbage disposal, I can hear it in my kitchen. 

Last night, not too long after I a) noticed that *someone* forgot to flush the toilet in the kids’ bathroom, and b) flushed it for them, and  c) saw, too late, that there was not a flushable wipe but an actual cloth-like diaper wipe going down, I was doing the dishes and heard the neighbor turn on his disposal.

It went on.

And on.

And on.

And, then we left to go get Sophie, and when we came back it was still going.

I thought about a few things.  I thought that maybe he died or was in some sort of distress and I ought to go check on him.  (He’s perhaps 23, a college kid, but you never know.)  Then I thought that we’d plugged up the main sewer line with that diaper wipe and I thought that I’d better never tell ANYONE that I accidentally flushed that wipe.  If I’d thought about it and realized that there was a chance of me getting stuck with a scary big plumber’s bill, I’d have totally grabbed it out.  But, I didn’t.

Then, I thought that maybe he’d killed someone and was stuffing them down the disposal.  Just before I put the girls in the bath, it stopped.  With the brief exception of my kitchen drain kind of urping up at me until I ran my own garbage disposal, there was no sign of a clogged main line. 

I began writing this last night, but fell asleep.  As of now there are no problems. 

I’m thinking this is all pretty much pointless now, thankfully.  I do have a question though.

Am I the only parent of a toddler who’s had to get a small wad of clean toilet paper off the roll and use it to move the used tp in the toilet that is covering up said toddler’s poop?  Once she was able to see it, all was right with her world, but before I helped her out, she was having a total panic attack. 

3 thoughts on “I’m betting that the landlord will never google my name

  1. Abigail

    I have a relative in real estate and he googles every single person interested in or renting his properties. He says he likes to know what kind of lifestyles they lead.

    (I would say more but if he found me writing this there would be hell to pay. And he’s the type that would google landlord+relative+Abigail and find me.)(Damn it.)

  2. marian

    I so understand the prolonged drain ordeal. Very happy to hear it turned out okay. But the poop thing? I don’t know. I guess I’d be upset if I thought I pooped and there seemed to be nothing in the toilet, but my kid was always okay with his poop appearance or lack thereof, so I cannot speak to this issue!

  3. Lana

    I have a toddler who is learning to use the toilet and she’s a bit obsessed with looking at her poop before we flush it down. I’ve been reading books on toilet training lately and they say that it’s a normal faze and it will, thankfully, pass. 🙂


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