I’m such a crybaby

I was cleaning up the kitchen a few minutes ago, and between the dryer and the wall I found an old toy mop that I bought for Lex when he was two.  It was broken and the sponge part was all mashed down — it certainly wasn’t usable anymore. 

I took it outside and threw it in the garbage and it made me so sad.  I need to learn to not get so attached to every little toy and piece of clothing that the kids leave behind as they grow, but I really struggle with it.  Now he’s nearly ten, and on the weekends he’s over at friends houses every chance he gets.  I love him as much as ever, but I miss the days when he was just a little guy who wanted to be like me and be with me.  I miss him helping me mop the kitchen.  I miss his little baby fat toddler hands.


7 thoughts on “I’m such a crybaby

  1. Marsha

    I know exactly what you mean. I miss it too. It is good that they are strong and healthy and moving away from needing us, but it sucks just the same. Sucks!

  2. capello

    My kids are still fairly little, and I’m already missing stuff like that. Chubby thighs. Awesome smelling hair. Buring their heads in my necks.

    Growing sucks.

  3. CJ

    I so don’t want my boys to grow up! LOL I mean I do, but it makes me sad when I think of them leaving the roost! LOL I’m as bad as u r, I want to hang on to every little thing

  4. mamadaisy

    I have such a hard time with that, too! I boxed up baby clothes for goodwill a few weeks ago and even after I picked out lots of keepsakes, I was still bawling over all the things I gave away. It’s just a t-shirt for heaven’s sake! But it’s a SENTIMENTAL t-shirt, which makes all the difference.

  5. Heather

    It’s sometimes so hard to let go of that precious closeness. But there is a beauty that comes with age. My 13 year-old is the most wonderful companion, and the moments when he still calls me Mommy, as opposed to Heather, are absolutely lovely. Every age has a gift.

  6. Amy

    I agree with the above commenter, that every age is a gift 🙂 My son is 13 now and happily still a mamma’s boy. He will always be my baby whether he likes it or not.

    He recently, gently, told me “Mom, you are going to have to try to understand I am growing up” when he wanted to venture to uncharted territory I found terrifying. (Walking to the corner store). Ahh yes. T’is hard to watch them grow up isn’t it?

    Then there are the girls (twins at 8, almost 9) who want to skip forward 7 years and be sixteen. Shivvvver!


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