Happy Birthday to Me

I had a draft going that was recapping my hospital stay, but it was boring so I deleted it.  The upshot is that I feel better, finally, and I’m fine and that’s good, because I am suddenly busy like I never knew even when I was in college full time and had two jobs. 


Last night just Willow and I went to the farmer’s market.  I needed to pick up some local honey, because the allergy pills alone aren’t cutting it and I want to try this home remedy.  See, the bees are all polleny when they make the honey.  If you get honey that is made in the area where you live and isn’t filtered or cooked or messed with, the pollen is still in there and you have a great little way to get your immune system to get over itself and quit flipping out whenever flowers bloom. 

Did I mention that the doctor (yeah, I just had to go there) says that I cannot have alcohol or coffee until further notice which will come when I see him IN A MONTH?  I’m devastated.  And tired.  And not at all relaxed in the evenings. 

We were at the farmer’s market.  Willow was really cute.  She held my hand and even though I just wanted to pop in and get the honey and some cherry tomatoes for her, she decided we had to walk up and down the rows and look at all the booths.  There was a guy there singing and playing guitar.  Little kids were dancing in front of him, and I figured that was where she was leading me.  I was thinking, Damn, I’ll have to give him a dollar or something and I don’t want to, when she dragged me past him to get a real good look at the arugula. 

The woman at the honey stand gave us some honey sticks.  I got orange and Willow picked green, which was a nasty little thing that did NOT taste at all of apples.  I finished mine and chewed the plastic straw while we walked, and Willow handed hers to me and said, "Here, YOU have this!" 

I can’t tell you what it was about that little moment, but everything was good.  Willow was being her funny, sweet self, the sun was going down and everyone looked fabulous with that golden light on their skin.  The produce was bright red and green and yellow and orange and purple.  It smelled great, the weather was perfect, I wasn’t worried or stressed about anything.  We were just blissed out at the farmer’s market.  I love those times.  They are gifts. 


pink ipod, green honeystick

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. capello

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ve heard of the honey trick before — but those sticks haven’t been processed? Awesome.

    (And you posted the photo of your ipod to make me jealous, didn’t you? Admit it. Because not only is it an ipod, it’s *pink* too!)

    We need more moments like that, when everything is the world feels right and children are actually behaving.

  2. marian

    I quit coffee and alcohol a few years back when I was experiencing some dizziness and it helped. Now I’m back on both but in moderation, and still fine. The first few days are the worst. Green tea or even black tea is not a bad coffee-substitute and it doesn’t give you nearly the kind of jitters coffee does. There’s no substitute for alcohol, unfortunately.

  3. CJ

    Moments just like those put it all into perspective don’t they? Thanks for sharing that moment with us! And I’m soooo glad that your feeling better! Had no idea baout thehoney trick!

  4. meno

    No alcohol! I don’t drink coffee anyway, but i understand from others in my household that it is essential. That’s got to be rough. I am glad you are feeling better.

  5. Caloden

    Those are the golden moments.

    Today is my first caffeine free day. My mgiraines just can’t stand up to any more caffeine. Damn. But no wine? Nu-huh. Ouch for you. Good luck with it.

  6. Mary Tsao

    Love those moments, too. I wish every day could be filled with them but I suppose that would take away the specialness.

    Glad you’re okay! Hope the honey remedy works.

  7. Jamie

    So glad your feeling better. That totally sucks about the coffee and alcohol šŸ™
    I know for me if I am excersising regularly I can do without , if not fa-get-it..That detoxing caffine headache when I go without my java is NOT WORTH IT..LOL my poor hubby can’t stand it and usually brings me a latte.. I love the farmers market this time of year too :)(and sweet well behaved kids..heheh)

  8. Marsha

    So glad you are ok. The image of the farmers market made my day. So sorry to hear about the coffee and alcohol, yikes. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but this is ridiculous! What is next chocolate?

  9. margalit

    If you live near San Jose/Los Gatos, I can give you the name of a beekeeper that has wonderful and VERY local honey, guaranteed. When we lived in SV we used to help them jar the honey every year right around this time, just in time for the Jewish holidays. So they should have plenty of honey.


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