It’s all good

I’m going to spend Saturday cleaning up around here as much as possible so that Sunday I can spend a little quality time with my new toy

This is very exciting.  And, the newest EVI came in the mail today.  And, and, and!!  the tax refund showed up in the bank account, by magic!! direct deposit.  AND my first box of organic fruit and veggies was on the doorstep when we came home from school!  The kids were flipping out, especially the girls, who ran around screeching "veggies veggies!!!"  The boys said to me, "Mom, can we have some fruit and vegetables, please?"  I’m keeping an eye out for the cracked boy-sized pod husks. 

3 thoughts on “It’s all good

  1. Dixie

    Check out that weeny little sewing machine! It’s too cute!

    Hope all tummies are better in your household. Else the lovely oganic fruits and veggies will be making express trips through digestive systems.

    Boy-sized pod husks. Heh.

  2. Belinda

    Oh, I love the asking for veggies. Bella asks for fruit all the time, but when I get, “Can I have some broccoli?” I rejoice inside that she has not inherited her mother’s horrific dietary practices.


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