goes out like a lamb?????  Not at my house.  This morning I did not get to go to the gym because Willow woke up when I did (around 5:15) and fussed and wouldn’t go back to sleep until after 6, which is too late for me to leave.  Then, Lexy ran to the bathroom to barf in the toilet, but there was a thoroughly foul bowlful of diarrhea in the toilet that his brother neglected to flush, so he just got on his hands and knees and hurled all over the bathroom floor. 

This all happened before 7:30 am.

All four kids are here today, plus poor BabyO.  I’m just keeping him in his carseat carrier on top of the fridge so no one breathes on him.  He seems to like the vibration when the cooler thing runs.  Sophie really wants to go to school, but I am not going to take her.  She’s not as sick as the rest, but she’s got a touch of this flu and I don’t want to load up the van with five kids who may erupt from either end at any time.  That’s too much excitement for me. 

I’m going to go get some barfy towels and poopy underpants washed while BabyO sleeps, the girls play with their castle, Nate plays Zelda, and Lexy watches The Rocketeer

This weekend the big kids will be with their dad for the first time in a few weeks (he was away for work), and I plan to catch up on my blog reading.  I’m ashamed of what an exciting prospect that is for me. 

9 thoughts on “March

  1. marian

    Oh crikey. The grossness never ends.

    Enjoy your weekend. Heck, blog-reading is the high point of my work day. I get to work an hour early just to do that. At least you get up early to exercise! When excrement allows.

  2. Melissa

    Isn’t motherhood grand?
    Probably the worse thing is sick kids.
    Even when they get older, it is difficult.
    I hope things get better for you soon
    over there.

  3. Mary

    Sometimes I don’t even want to read blog posts like this for fear they’re contagious. Oh god. I cannot get the image of Lexy vomiting all over the floor out of my mind. Poor kid. Poor you!

    Hope healing happens soon!


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