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So today, 08.08.08! was supposed to be lucky, and the little kid in me was sorta hoping that maybe something spectacular would magically drop into my lap.  This morning I checked in on one of my email accounts and found that there were 888 unread messages in my inbox.  That had to be a sign, and not just of my laziness toward clearing out my inbox.

Nothing has dropped in my lap yet, but Good Things happened today: Squid made me breakfast! bacon, eggs, and French press coffee, and I got major snuggles from Leelo; I got to visit a little with Seymour and my new friend Lea before we all headed out to work and/or play; my hangover was not fatal; I made huge strides in catching up with some work stuff; I had an awesome lunch date; I thought I lost my debit card (that works like a credit card, too, so is not good to lose) but it was in the back pocket of the jeans I wore last night; I went to pick up my kids from my mom’s and got there ten minutes after they were dropped off, so we all – me and the kids and my mom and step-dad – sat and watched The Witches.  Then, I left my mom’s house with a bag of rice pasta she got for me, and a big bag of clothes my sister was giving away.  The pasta was so good I had it with just olive oil and herbs (oh, baby, it has been a loooong time since I had pasta with olive oil), and I snagged a red Paul Frank hoodie with a monkey face on it, and a purty sweatshirt and warm sweater (both from Delia’s) from my sister’s castoffs.

I am about twenty years older than Delia’s target demographic, but I never let that stop me.  The only rule I have that involves my age influencing what to wear has to do with keeping your tender, innocent eyeballs safe from my knees and midriff.  But, I did order a bathing suit from the internets that will show both, so, um, I guess I’m full of it.  My new swim suit is going to be a pair of as-long-as-I-could find black board shorts and a pink bikini top with white polkadots and green trim.  I haven’t bought a new bathing suit since before I had kids.  Last weekend I took the girls to a swim party and decided it was time to get over myself and fix that so I can swim, too. 

I sat and ate dinner with the kids for the first time in ages, and we were all happy and chatty and glad to be hanging out together.  I wasn’t thinking ahead, or at all, so we had a pasta course followed by a roast about 45 minutes later.  I didn’t have any veggies that they all like, so I just gave them each a chewable vitamin for dessert.  After the kids and I had supper, they hung out looking at a cookbook while I cleaned up.  Every two minutes they were shouting from the living room things like, DO WE HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE CHIPS?  CAN WE MAKE THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR?  I NEED COLORED SUGAR SO WE CAN MAKE THIS PUNCH!

Finally I started the dishwasher and threw in a load of laundry and got into bed with my girls.  They went straight to sleep, almost, and are now right next to me.  I can hear them both breathing over the quiet music coming from my laptop.  (Hey Rockband people, want some Kristin Hersh and PJ Harvey on the next release.  I’m telling, not asking.  Thanks!)  The boys had a friend come over to spend the night, and I can hear them in the bedroom.  I catch a word or two, hear them all laugh.  I love the sounds of my kids just being in the house.  Usually.  You know what I mean. 

Anyway, nothing really dropped into my lap, but I am here to acknowlege my excellent luck today all the same.  I am so lucky.  And grateful.

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  1. Skye

    I do the board shorts and bikini top combo myself, and it’s quite satisfying. I actually got men’s board shorts so they would be longer.


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