I don’t have a full-length mirror.  If I need to see how something I’ve decided to wear works from about the waist down I have to go balance on the side of the kids’ bathtub and slightly duck under the shower curtain rod while checking myself out in their mirror from just a little bit further away than is truly helpful.

Twice this week I have worn very old summer dresses over jeans, because they’re too short to wear with just my funky knees showing.  And, when I say "old," I mean that one I had in high school (my 20th reunion was last month) and the other I bought on my honeymoon the first time I got married which was 17 years ago next month. 

So, yeah. vintagewear in my own closet that I bough my own self when it was brand spankin new.

Anyway, this morning found me balancing on the side of the kids’ bathtub, trying to decide which shoes to wear with my jeans and dress combo: the black Kenneth Cole square-toed Mary Janes (from the mid 90s, yes), or the new red suede open-toed kitten-heel pretty shoes.  I went with the square-toed ones (because I am feeling witchy), but as I was wobbling on the edge of the tub trying to make up my mind, I had a moment where I was grateful that Susan is all the way in China, because I worry she could reach over from Oklahoma to smack me upside the head.  For the dress over the jeans OR for the not having a full-length mirror mirror in my house.  Either one deserves a smack. 

5 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. Annie

    I don’t have a full-length mirror, either. However, I live in a city in a really tall building that’s close enough to another really tall building that sometimes I can see my reflection in it’s windows if I stand just right.

    I tell myself that’s like a full-length mirror. But it’s not.


    I have one you can have! Cleaning out The Room one was unearthed from the back of the closet! You can attach it to the back of the closet door or bedroom door or ceiling………whatever works.

  3. d.

    My morning routine used to include holding up a mirror we bought from IKEA (its wall potential never realized, for something as small as having lost cheap, accompanying screws), while the Girl critiqued her shoe and jean selections.

    Utterly agonizing. I will never get those hours back.

    Our new apartment, however, to my enormous and unending relief, included a full-length mirror in the second bedroom. And as long as she can continue to pick her way through the boxes and papers strewn haphazardly about, I’m off the hook.

  4. jenijen

    Thanks, Mom! I will take you up on that 🙂

    furiousball, maybe I should do the mural thing instead. . .

    and! Annie and d. so great to hear from both of you. It’s been a looooong time! d. you are a fine, fine man. Annie, I am liking your mirror substitute.


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