Mistaken Identity

Tonight, in the e.r., the doctor asked me if I was a nurse.  My medical knowledge is impressive, no?  Even better: last night as I was bringing in the garbage cans from the curb on my way to walking to the grocery store for some milk, a salesperson asked me if my mom or dad were home!  Yes, it was dark, and yes, she was probably after a sale, but she did look surprised when I told her that I was the mom of the house. 

Why was I in the emergency room this time?  Sophie has an ear infection and I didn’t want to make her wait until tomorrow for treatment, especially since the pain of my ear infection that I was seen for, in the same emergency room, last tuesday, is still so vivid.  The sinus infection that followed it really knocked me on my ass, but thanks to some pharmaceuticals, I’m feeling much better.  I had to wash down my vicodin with niquil for a couple of nights and I still couldn’t sleep because of the pain.  But, like I was telling John the other day, we really don’t know diddly about suffering.  So I will quit my gripin. 

Before I forget:  Kevin, you have got to delurk and tell me how you found me and why you link to my page.  I am so very curious.  I see we share a reverence for Target *and I’m guessing that you hate Walmart just as passionately* but I am as baffled as I am flattered.  Spill in comments or email me at jenijen_s at yahoo dot com. 

I finished my Grandpa’s scarf and my brother’s hat.  Pats self on back.  Next is a scarf for S, and then a few other things, and maybe a little hair kerchief type thing for me from the stitch n bitch book.  I haven’t made myself anything yet, and it looks quick. 

I’m really sleepy. 

Last week Nate’s teacher pulled me aside after class to tell me that Nate had been complaining that his stomach was achy.  She’d asked him, "Do you think you need to go number two?"  He said, "It isn’t a bathroom issue."  He is so funny.      

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