Up in the night

I’m reading The God of Small Things, which is so deliciously good and sad that I am not plowing through it like I really want to.  I’m at a pivotal part and I’m going to let it sit for a day or two because I don’t want to be done with it.  Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. . . I’ll probably finish it tonight. 

I am almost finished (maybe a half hour or less) with the scarf that I’m knitting for my grandfather.  It’s a Christmas gift.  Ah well, at least it is still winter.  I’m eager to start my next project, a hat for my brother.  I haven’t made any hats yet, but I think it should be sort of easyish and quickish.  Maybe. 

Nate went with a friend and her family to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium today.  He got to see the great white shark there.  Amazingly, he was less than impressed.  Maybe he thought it would be bigger.  I want to go, but the drive and the money and the crowds have deterred us so far.  That’s sort of unlike us.  What is our problem??

Today I wanted to get all sorts of work done and I was a total bitch all morning.  In the end I found that I was not too motivated, and all I did was make soup (pastina with egg and parmesan), do a little laundry, spray too much bleach cleaner into the shower in our bathroom, tidy up the kids’ bathroom, clean up outside a little, almost clean the girls’ room, and go with John and Willow to get some photos printed from the digital camera.  You should have seen the list I had in my mind.  Yesterday I spent lots of time in the front yard, pulling weeds.  Today I am terribly sore and feeling my age.  But the yard does look marginally nicer. 

This is the most boring post ever.  I’m sleepy.  Why does the insomnia abate when I want to do something besides stare at the ceiling?   

2 thoughts on “Up in the night

  1. Jamie

    lol..I am having one of those days today..but I found the living room floor yeah and most of the dining room table! (and I am bitchy so my 12yo is interviening problems with the other two poor guy walking on eggshells cause mom is PMS-ing..oh well were all only human..

  2. GraceD

    Well hey, I just wandered here from the TypePad main page, drawn to your blog title. I just did a book meme and The God of Small Things is on my list of books for the proverbial desert island.

    I’m a Santa Cruzan mom. I’m also a bitchy mom, but that’s all in my blog.

    Excellent site here. I’ll be stalking you (nicely, of course)

    All the best,


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