mother of invention

On the flight home there was a woman traveling with her husband, toddler and newborn.  She held the baby in the middle seat across the aisle from me, and her husband was directly behind her with their little boy.  When they came to serve lunch, I offered to hold the baby so she could eat, but she declined.  I didn’t blame her; it’s not generally a good idea to turn a fresh baby over to a stranger.  I told her that I have four kids, and if she needed anything to let me know.  Half way through lunch I looked over and saw that she’d pulled the tray table down, put an airline pillow on it, covered that all with a blanket, and had the baby laying on his back on the tray while she ate with her lunch in her lap.  "Bet you never tried THAT before!" she said. 

I haven’t.  But I totally would.

1 thought on “mother of invention

  1. jenny r

    oh man. You know, when I fly they totally would get onto me if the baby wasn’t seatbelted IN MY LAP! If the baby was napping and laying across empty seats, she had to be seatbelted. So no one said anything? I must have just had a bad experience.


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