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I’m getting spoiled.  I was gone all last weekend, and tonight I’m going up to San Francisco to see some friends perform.  The big kids will be with their dad, and Willow is going to sleep over at Baby O’s house, so, GET THIS, I don’t even have to come home tonight if I don’t want to!!  Of course, I can’t stay up late enough to be out all night, but if I could, I could!

Tomorrow my (much younger) sister graduates from UCSC.  I’m so happy for her.  Being a senior year college drop out myself, I have tons of respect for her dedication to her goals.  I knew she was smart all along; when she was just a tiny thing, maybe not quite two, she looked into the back of our station wagon where the seats had been folded down and said, "When the seats are folded down, it makes a flat surface." 

The boys are in school, sitting at their desks for the last time this year.  They’ll be finished at 12:30.  I snuck over to Tarjay last night and got them new scooters and helmets that I’ll give to them after I pick them up.  First and third graders work their little hineys off these days.  All damn year, nearly every single day, Nate has been mad about having to go to school in the morning.  Loves his teacher, has friends, loves math and history, but says all the time that he hates school.  So, this morning I said, "WOW, you must be so relieved that school is finished today!"

He got a little sad, and said that he is really happy, but that it also made him feel funny.  I told him that I know EXACTLY what he means by that. 

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