Nate is PISSED at me

because I will not allow him to put a footstool on the sidewalk and offer massages to strangers for fifty cents each.

7 thoughts on “Nate is PISSED at me

  1. Marsha

    What an incredible imagination! I think you will have no worries about retirement, he will obviously be very successful in life.

  2. marian

    how did you explain your objections? or was it a ‘because i said so’ kind of thing? that said, i’d pay him 50 cents for a massage right about now. my shoulders are up around my ears.

  3. Jenijen

    I told him the truth: that some people are looking to hurt others, and that you shouldn’t ever give them a chance. He said, “What are the chances that someone who likes to hurt kids will be on OUR street??!” I said they were tiny but that I love him too much to take any sort of risk like that.

    Now he’ll probably be scared all the time. . .

  4. Sarah

    “Aaaawwww, c’mon mo-om!” Ditto.

    With the way my back hurts today, I would pay a stranger with a footstool for a massage. Seriously.


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