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I feel a little embarassed to admit that I bought cupcakes for Sophie’s class birthday thing. But, really, I have made them from scratch quite a few times and the kids just want these kind. They don’t appreciate me gently folding in the egg whites (no mix cakes, that’s for sissies) or the killer homemade buttercream colored just so with the Martha food dye. Saturday is her actual birthday, and she’ll have a ChuckECheeze cake. I’m going to have to make her one for later in the day. Or a pie! Birthday Pie. mmmmmmm Now I’m feeling better.

8 thoughts on “storebought

  1. jess

    I did the store bought for a couple years and then the cost just killed me. Now? Cake mix and canned frosting – tastes just like store bought!

  2. marian

    Yikes, what are those little hypercolored lozenges on the top? Makes my teeth hurt just to look at stuff like that. But they’re oddly alluring.

    Yeah, kids like the storebought stuff, be it mix, boxed or canned. It’s got drugs in it. Now mine has finally returned to his roots and prefers home made.

  3. Suebob

    I took beautiful handmade wholegrain bread to the free hot lunch at the homeless shelter. Everyone zoomed past it for the fluffy white sandwich loaf.


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