not a green party member yet

Sophie to me — totally out of the blue — as we were falling asleep last night:


Earth day SUCKS — wanna know why?  I’ll tell you why: because you hafta


In what I have to say is one of the luckiest turns of events in my whole life, and thanks to the nicest doctor ever, I am off to get some antibiotics.  I’m so happy I’m crying.  Or, maybe those tears are from the severe ear and throat pain.  I can’t eat (but have I lost weight?  OF COURSE NOT) but I don’t really want to as I seem to be coughing up and barfing up all kinds of bloody crap from my throat. 

HEY! First doctor guy I saw a couple days ago: you were nice ( I liked our chat about yoga) but just because something doesn’t "look that bad" to you doesn’t mean it ain’t so.  LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS.  Couldn’t you tell I was practically sane?  And NOT seeking pain meds?  I know working at the county hospital where everyone (even those, like myself, without health coverage) is welcome may make you jaded, but I have been suffering (especially at night — whoo, boy!) and you are not supposed to make people suffer.   

I’m so hungry I think I’ll go inject a pb & j right into my vein.  Except that I can’t because no more gluten for me.  I think that nasty rice bread would totally clog my arteries.  Have you tried that stuff?  It is so dense I suspect it is infused with extra gravity. 

To the pharmacy.  I hope my drugs are ready.

3 thoughts on “not a green party member yet

  1. Erin

    Glad you got to the doctor. Hope the drugs help quickly.

    That first meal you eat after not being able to for a while? Is going to taste Deeeeelicious! 🙂 Hm, except for the no gluten thing. That could bum it out some.

  2. Rachel

    hope the drugs help FAST!

    You’re gluten free? We’ve been gf for over 4 yrs, and I have a recipe site I will happily spam to you:

    I’m happy to answer any questions. People went WAY out of their way to help me, and I want to do the same for others. My first advice on going gf is “go for the sweets”. my second one is “eat corn tortillas in place of bread”. Seriously. Then make your own when you get comfy with it.


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