wah, wah, i complain a lot

I should have gone to bed ages ago, but this damn sore throat is so much worse at night that I’m afraid to.  This is just silly: my throat has been sore for a week, and it keeps getting worse.  Now my tongue is swollen and sore, too.  It’s almost impossible for me to shriek at the kids.  Can’t have that, now.

Tomorrow Lex has to be at school at 6:30 so he can catch the field trip bus.  They won’t be back till 6:15 in the evening.  They’re going up to an old Gold Rush town.  I feel awful because he really wanted me to come.  There’s no way, though.  To make it worse, I’m working in Nate’s class tomorrow morning (hope I don’t have to actually talk to anyone), which has Lex all upset.  Sometimes I think I should chop myself into fours and give them each a piece, but then they’d just fight over who got the arms vs the legs. 

That was gross.

It’s unseasonably cold and rainy here.  Everyone is bitching about it, but I love it.  I’m savoring the cool damp before summer comes.  We don’t have air conditioning, and it’s memories of nights like tonight that get me through the hottest days. 

Okay.  Too distracted by searing pain to type.  Guess I will go to bed, but damn it’s going to be worse all night and in the morning.  If Sophie still had cough syrup with codine I would chug the whole bottle. 

2 thoughts on “wah, wah, i complain a lot

  1. Erin

    Jen, I think it’s time for you to go to the doctor. Sore throat for a week? And swollen tongue? Something just ain’t right there…

    Feel better soon!

  2. Marsha

    Go to the doctor, I agree. I hope you feel better soon. For me, it seems that the more I do for my kids the more they want. I don’t think you can escape them dishing out the guilt even if you had one child and gave him your complete and undivided attention everyday, they still throw guilt at you. They are lucky to have you, yet they will never admit this and probably wont realize it until they have kids of their own.


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