Now it’s us and now it’s we

Wow.  I was going to write a little bit about Michael Jackson, but then I read Susie Bright's post, and Megan Smith's.

I picked the girls up from camp tonight late and told them about MJ while we drove home.  They were crushed, Sophie in tears, because their favorite songs to listen to while we drive around or clean up their room are ABC, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, I Want You Back, and Never Can Say Goodbye.  Plus, they know the little-kid Michael Jackson from their Free to Be You and Me DVD.  He sings about what he'll be when he grows up, which was already making me a little sad every time I saw it. 

Tonight I went to yoga class and we did abs to Billie Jean, but my favorite was always Ben. Kinda sappy, but I'm a total softie pushover.  Dont' tell anyone.

And Farrah Fawcett.  When I was a kid, she was the beautiful woman in the poster on the wall of every straight teenage boy.  I guess she's the person (along with Tina Turner and Bo Derek) who introduced me to What Sexy Is, now that I think about it. 

So between work (hectic, to say the least, but good) and other stuff (tax audit! shitload of tough financial paperwork for divorce! such fun!), and the whole Mom to Four Kids thing, I've been a little busy.  I'm really and truly looking forward to this weekend.   The kids are with their respective fathers, so SG and I are going to go for a ride


and also to Monterey to swim, dive, snorkel, bike ride (bicycles this time), and maybe take out the boat.  Then on Sunday I get to go to San Francisco to meet up with some of my visiting-from-out-of-state extended family members who are, awesomely, some of my very most favorite people on the planet.  It proves how much I love them that I'm willing to brave driving up to the city on Pride Day.   Honestly, I hate to drive and I hate to drive in San Francisco especially, and this is the biggest parade in the history of California forever and ever, Amen.  Maybe I will just train it in.  With my camera.  Because, seriously; Dykes on Bikes, The Leather Contingent, AND Drag Queens?  That's a lot of fabulousness marching on the road right there.

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  1. lil sister

    that’s my favorite mj song, too, ben. it’s just… perfect, you know. i also like some of his later stuff, like you are not alone. i guess i missed the 80’s. still, it’s like princess diana– it’s just not someone you expect to die and before we know it, it’ll be 10 years ago, like the princess. i always wished i could do the moonwalk.


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