Now that all four kids have a DS, we might just make it

I got into bed early tonight, at something like 8:30.  The phone rang when I was not quite asleep, so I untangled myself from the girls (they like to fall asleep all wound around me) and saw on the caller ID that it was my dad.  It was funny, because I’d just been thinking as I was starting to fall asleep that I needed to send him something for his birthday, which was last week when I was all knocked out by this flu. 

Anyway, he was calling to be sure that Willow’s gift came and to say hello.  We talked for an hour and a half.  The kids were asleep and the house was quiet.  He told me about making coffee in a lab (with lab grade equipment, and a physicist who had the whole thing down to a, well, a science, I guess) and about going to see War at CircusCircus in New York in the 1960’s (but maybe it’s this: Electric Circus).  We talked about New York, and Chicago, what a dipshit Alec Baldwin is and how funny this is, Pogo, surfing, sharks, opera, a newly discovered older cousin who looks like me (I look like no one else in my family.  Not even sorta.), a teeny bit of politics, Issac Asimov, an upcoming family reunion this summer, what SG stands for, friends of his who have passed away.  Other stuff, too. 

I’ve been homesick lately, but that’s nothing new.  I’m an 8th generation Texan; that shit is hard wired, ya’ll.  I was looking at the photos that Chris posted from their move, and this one kicked me right square in the stomach, even though I never lived in Austin.   I’m going to figure out if I can take a little time off this summer and go home for a visit.  I know I can’t afford to fly, but maybe we can drive it.  It’s 24 hours, door to door.  It’ll be in August, which ought to cure me from needing to go back again anytime soon.  Heh.  I’m joking.  Of course it’s not the place, it’s my family that I miss.


And I really do miss them.

And, no, my family isn’t a bunch of cows and cowbirds.  Heh.

5 thoughts on “Now that all four kids have a DS, we might just make it

  1. Viellefemme

    Oh, dearest, I hate to discourage you, but the drive is 36 hours, not 24. And that’s to Sherman, not Houston. Maybe you and I could fly and we could ship the kids Fed Ex! That photo hit me, too! It’s SO Texas in the summer! Who’s the older cousin?

  2. lil sister

    um, jen, like mom said, but a car trip to tootie’s is at least 3 days, unless maybe you want to drive all day and night with 4 whiny kids. i doubt that. anyway, i’m writing this from my beeyootiful new laptop! oh, and put my blog on your blogroll already!! love you.

  3. jenijen

    added! Sorry. I love you, too. And I think I know I won’t be getting to Texas anytime soon. At least not with the kids. Okay, I need to go read the bazillion posts you’ve put up lately! xo


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