The last lemon

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I had fun today driving by myself to get Willow from school.  I was listening to an album that I really liked when I was seventeen or so, and I turned it up loud.  The minivan was kinda vibrating like the cars of those awful boys (and girls, I guess it’s an equal opportunity brand of obnoxiousness) with the deafening bass that sets off car alarms.  Not quite that much, though. 

It was a perfect, gorgeous day.  I was driving down one of the most scenic roads there ever was and enjoying the red and orange trees against the blue, blue sky. 

The rest of my day pretty much blew, so that is all.  I voted.  Fingers crossed to see what happens.

2 thoughts on “The last lemon

  1. Jamie

    “I’ll call you on the phone but the phones been cut .can you hear me, can you hear at all ?…(something..something..) make a telephone call.. ” Great now I have to listen to it… I always skip Winter kills though..bugs me..
    Beautiful lemon ! We need more color in So. Calif :O)


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