gutter stars

  gutter stars 
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I love urban beauty.

I just wrote a post for Blogging Baby about Lex being a preteen.  I got myself all teary thinking about him being a toddler.  Damn, he was cute.  I miss him.  He’s been really sweet and cuddly lately, which is nice. 

I had a doctor’s appointment today that ended with the doctor saying, "Well, we really have nothing to offer you!"

What do you say to that?  Okay, then, bye!

But, the good news is that the two docs I saw today aren’t all hot on the idea that I have Lupus like the guy I saw a couple weeks back.  The one today told me to quit taking advil and to take tylenol.  They are obviously trying to kill me.  But, I’ll be good and do as I’m told.  The arthritis pain is just something I have to live with, apparently.  That’s fine.  I’ve been doing that, thinking that I had Lupus, too.  Now it’s just pain, which is alright in comparison.

I need to get Willow to bed; she’s falling asleep in my lap!

5 thoughts on “gutter stars

  1. Suebob

    Doctors. Feh. Now with the internets, I feel like they are guessing as much as we are.

    Have you tried my arthritis folk remedy? 1 Tbsp Certo Liquid Pectin in 4 oz grape juice 2 times a day. It is slippery and makes your poo smell very funny. But it cured my arthritis, so I am good with it. I learned it from the newspaper columnist, Dr. Gott.

  2. marian

    that’s great news about the lupus and lack thereof. I don’t get the tylenol instead of advil thing, though, unless they’re worried you’ll get an ulcer. I’d rather have an ulcer than liver damage. sounds like this is all under the “stress” category and hopefully will get better as life gets easier.

  3. CARLA

    hey, I had a bout with joint pain and I solved it with 1,000 mg of MSM and magnet therapy…totally gone to date. And, I was immobile with extreme knee pains!! Good luck…just something you might like to consider. by the way, I love reading your blog:)


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