paper lantern

  paper lantern 
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I was getting ready to start supper (early, because we all need to get to bed early tonight) and I remembered that I bought eggplant because I’d been craving some roasted, salty, eggplant slices.  Then, I thought that since I hadn’t found something beautiful yet today (stomach flu makes everything look ugly), I’d take the eggplants outside and take a picture of them before I cut them up and ate them.

But, it was not to be.  The eggplant was grossly mushy.  Instead I’m cooking zucchini fries, fresh green beans, roasted Dutch yellow potatoes and an herb-roasted chicken (for the carnivores). 

I did, however, remember that last Saturday at about this time of day I was not helping Lex with his school project while Soph went off to play with friends without Willow who sobbed, "What about me?" into my shoulder while Nate kept talking about watching Alien again (I know I am a HORRIBLE mother.  He’s only seven.  I know.), I was out shopping with my mom in one of my favorite cities (Berkeley, CA) and while shopping I bought these paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling in the girls’ room even though we aren’t supposed to put ANYTHING on or in or near the ceiling. 

Time to cook supper. 

3 thoughts on “paper lantern

  1. Marsha

    I saw Alien when I was pg, totally freaked me out! My daughter loves, loves, loves scary movies and has since she was small. She would beg me, and then have nightmares. I felt horrible when that happened, now it is the scary books. I am craving eggplant now!

  2. marian

    Kids usually know what they can handle, scary-wise. I was always surprised by how much violence and terror mine could take in a movie, but then there would be some that I thought were mild that he’d be completely unable to watch. Has something to do with how realistic or not they are, maybe.

    When I was a girl I LOVED paper lanterns like that. Still do!

    And yeah, now I’m craving eggplant, too.

  3. Aaron

    We go back and forth — our three-year-old daughter loves to be scared, but can really work herself up (mainly over Swiper from Dora and the Cat in the Hat). I have a feeling she and I will end up sitting and watching horror flicks when she’s a little older…


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