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For my birthday awhile back my sister (the one who looks like my daughter) gave me a gift certificate to the Costco of shoe stores.  I’ve been trying to get myself over there for ages, it seems, and all these pesky problems kept keeping me from it.  Finally, tonight, instead of cooking supper I got into the van ALONE and drove to the shoe warehouse in search of boots.

I wasn’t too far from my house when I made a right turn and saw a gorgeous moon.


It never comes across well on film (or digitized) does it?  It was really nice in person, though, and I’m a total moon freak.  (My first tattoo was of a crescent moon and star and I’m not even Turkish)

I made it to the shoe store and (shhhh) bought two pair of boots.   While I was shopping, Lex called on the mobile phone about fifty times, so in a way I wasn’t really alone.  After the third call, I went from relaxed to cranky, so I also bought some black and while striped socks. 

I got back to the van, where I immediately got the boots out again so I could touch them and smell them and pretend like no one but me ever tried them on.  I happened to check the rear-view mirror, and there was my newlywed daughter sister and her man, strolling to their car.

I rolled down the window and yelled, "Hey!  Thanks for the boots!"  They were there because he just bought a box set of Planet of the Apes (in a monkey head) and so she was countering with shoes.  Not even a month, and they have the whole married thing down pat!

Anyhow, I just thought it was funny, since I’d been desperately trying to get to the shoe store and when I finally went, I ran into them.  Neither of us live all that close to the shoe place, either, BUT it is spitting distance of my old apartment, where Sophie was born.  I drove by for old time’s sake and was horrified to see that whomever lives there now (loser) took out my lovely, elderly lavender plant and now has an empty patch of dirt there instead (that was the lavender plant that Nate used to eat the flowers off of and the inspiration for me to make lavender ice cream for his second birthday party) and they planted tiny palm tree bush things in the yard.  Also, they took out the fence that my brother put in to keep the kids from running into the street.  Good thing I have my boots to cheer me up.


4 thoughts on “synchronized shopping

  1. capello

    my stepmom loves dsw. she collects their coupons and they always let her use them reguardess if they have expired or not.

    she got me a $60 pair of boots for $4 once.

    yes, good thing you had those boots after that driveby.

  2. Ali

    How dare they! I went by our old house recently and saw my bathtub in a skip outside. (Although I do forgive the new owners because it was a 1970s monstrosity which I would have ripped out if I had the money!)

  3. Marsha

    We had a full moon here last night too! I always wondered if it was full here, is it full there? Now I know. I am so glad you got a chance to replace your boots. I have a bit of a boot obsession, myself.

  4. Susan

    I am painfully envious that you live near a DSW. There’s nary a one in the entire state of Oklahoma, which pains me greatly.

    That is all.


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